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Plumbers FinglasOur staff at Plumbers Finglas offer a full range of plumbing services at affordable prices. We have been providing the highest quality services throughout the county for nearly 30 years now. As an established and well known company we have large resources and vast experience. In fact some of our staff have been qualified for over 30 years. This enables us to quickly and efficiently deal with all problems and jobs in as cost efficient manner as humanly possible.

As all of our staff are R.G.I.I. accredited and fully vetted plumbing qualifications, we also carry comprehensive insurance.

See below what we think makes Plumbers Finglas stand out

  1. Our work is of a high standard and fully guaranteed. That's right, FULLY GUARANTEED. We provide a 1 year parts and labor guarantee on all our our completed jobs. People may think that's not a lot to ask but we have found so Plumber Finglasmany new clients because the previous "guy" didn't do a good job and X, Y, Z is now not working. Unfortunately the "guy" has zero interest in coming back to fix the issue free of charge as he has already had their money. It would be very rare for us to have to return but occasionally we may have been supplied a faulty part. We know it's not your fault so we will come and change it, of course F.O.C.
  2. Competitive pricing and all prices up front. No vagueness, you will always know where you stand with Plumbers Finglas. We are always delighted to give free quotes as we know we'll normally get the job. Unlike some companies or individuals we don't add on hidden extras. We do not apply a call out charge, time for getting parts, parking fees or anything as such that some more unscrupulous people love to add on.

24/7 emergency plumbers Finglas are ready to help you

A burst pipe in the night, central heating not working? Our staff are always on call for these types of problems. If you call us we can have a Finglas plumber at your doorstep most times within the hour day or night. We will try to offer sound advice on alleviating or curing the problem yourself in first instance but if you need us we're there to help.

Call plumbers Finglas for a free quote on 01-6874852. Your one stop shop for standard and emergency plumbing work.

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